BFG 8800 GTX works, but not detected in slot 3 of Rampage Black

Hi all,

Its an awkward situation and I was wondering if anyone can give me some advise:

I bought Rampage 3 Black edition - its works great, but my video card which is BFG 8800 GTX acts up when it is in slot 3.

It works and gets detected correctly in slot 1, 2 and 4, but when in slot 3 - its like it is not there. I get into Windows - the screen is low res, but it does not detect a display adapter.

On this motherboard slots 1 and 3 are x16, slots 2 and 4 are x8.

My PSU is 850W and I both the 8pin and the molex are plugged in to the motherboard.

If I put a low powered (no power connectors) nvidia card in the slot 3 - windows detects it fine.

So I assume the slot 3 is okay, however could it still be bad in relation with power to the slot? I have options to return the board, but don't want to waste time unless the issue above is a reason for concern.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. solution....put it in slot one.
  2. not a solution if I need to know if slot 3 works :)

    any other ideas?
  3. moderator, due to the multitude of expert advises, please delete this post.
  4. you put another card in the slot and it the slot works. its porbably just an incompatability with the 8800 and the 4x slot.
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