Help installing new graphics card for first time

hi guys,

My new ati 5570 just arrived i am installing it into the HP slimline -similar to this

in the installation manual it says to disable the onboard graphics how do i do this?
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  1. Many systems will automatically disable the onboard when a video card is installed. If not, you need to go in to the BIOS and disable onboard video.

    Good luck!
  2. ...and once you plug it in, make sure you move the monitor cable from the back of your PC to the back of that graphics card. Many integrated PC's tend to use VGA while all modern graphics cards use DVI.

    And dont forget to connect the extra power supply connector...

    and is your psu strong enough? You said slim form factor?
  3. I just read that i should disable it on device manger.
  4. Ive read reviews of the card from people who have the same pc as me it should be okay hopefully.
  5. right im going to install it il be back soon to say how it goes.
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