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Im on the edge of insanity with these RAM, so i hope someone out there can help me with my problem. First, let me just quick describe my computer:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
Ram : Corsair 2x4096 MB DDR3 1333 MHz XMS3
Power: 600 Watt Corsair Gaming Series GS600
CPU: Socket 1155 Core i7 I7-2700K 8 MB
HDD: Crusial m4 SSD
gfx: Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5

Warning - abit long description here:

So, i bought this PC in april and it has, until now, been working perfectly (been using it everyday more or less). However, aproxx. two weeks ago i got my first PC crash. I was playing a game and the picture and sound just froze (acutally the sound keep making the same noise like it was stuck). When i rebooted my PC i wouldnt boot. It would only startup for 1-2 seconds and then shut down itself again, and continue to do this until i shut down the power. I then started to unplug my HDD, gfx card and so on, until only the RAM was plugged into my machine, and it wasnt until I unplugged one of the RAM sticks (RAM stick A) that the computer would boot again (now only with RAM stick B inserted). I tried RAM stick A in all the memory slots with the same result: it wouldnt start. Then tried RAM stick B in all memory slots with no problem.

It seemed clear to me, that the problem was with the RAM stick(s) so i returned them to the place i bought them.

However, according to them, there was no problem with the RAM sticks. They had tested them using Memtest86+ and encountered no error, and so they returned my RAM.

I then inserted both sticks in my computer again and it seemed to work now, because I could boot and use my PC. However after 25-30 minutes i experienced the same problem again.

So then it seemed that maybe my motherboard had a problem so i tried another set of RAM-sticks (the same kind) that I borrowed from a friends computer in my computer.

I also tried my RAM sticks in his computer (he has the same motherboard but otherwise a slightly different computer).

The result was what i expected. Now my computer would work fine, however his PC would crash after 25-30 min. All i did was to boot into windows, start some music and movies and a few games to "stress" the computer.

I figured i should try Memtest86+ on both computers (although i never tried this program before). The same result was seen. My computer could complete a few tests, while his computer (with my RAM sticks) crashed before completing 1 test.

So i returned my RAM sticks once again to the place i bought them, with a description that they should test the RAM sticks for a longer time. This time the tested them for 72 hours in Memtest86+, but one again did NOT encounter any error.

So now i just receieved my RAM stick again from them, and this time i instantly tested them in Memtest86+ (before booting in windows and waiting 25-30 min to see if it would crash again).

and now, strangly enough, i have been running the memtest86 for 1½ hours with NO errors.

Im sorry for this very long story, but if any of you actually read all of it, do you have any idea WHY my RAM sticks CAN run endless in memtest86+ but seem to crash in windows and games, movies ect. after 25-30 minutes ?

Im starting to get really frustrated here. You could say that maybe i should just buy a couple of new RAM sticks and it probably will come to this, but im actually afraid that the same problem will happen again some time....

Many thanks in advance to any advice that you guys have....
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  1. Firstly check if ur Cpu or Gpu is overheating.....

    If u are Overclocking cpu or gpu...... try playing games without doing it..
    Are there any blue screens when the comp crashes?? IF so then its possibly a faulty ram...

    And it could be that one of ur ram slots is faulty..... I once had a same problem.... when i gave the mobo for checking he told m that the ram slots had burned

    Try playing games with only RAM stick B which had no problems

    but as u are saying u have tried u rams on ur friend's computer too..... and it crashes again....... then it must be a ram issue....

    Take a look at this... maybe this should help
  2. CPU / GPU is not overheated as far as i can tell (which sohuldnt be the problems since my friends RAM is working in my computer).

    my CPU is not overclocked but my GPU is, i think, overclocked (factory overclocked or something i bought it like that).
  3. Oh, and theres no blue-screen or anything. It just freezes the picture that was running before it crashed.

    Thanks for your reply
  4. IF its factory OCed then no prob.....
    Then the only thing i can think is as i suggested try playing with only ram stick B in one slot....... get the results.... and then try playing with the same ram stick in a different slot.....

    This should clear if the ram slot has a fault
  5. okay thanks,

    I just find it weird that memtest86+ can run indefinitely, unless i boot up in windows first and then wait until the error occurs. After the windows crash/freezing in windows, then memtest seems to be freezing aswell before finishing one run

    It seems like memtest isnt stressing the RAM as much as windows and a couple of games/movies/music ect does.. ?
  6. I guess i could try upping the voltage now (its at 1.5V and have been since i bought the PC 4-5 months ago). I just think its weird that this suddently should be a problem, when it has been fine the first few months.
  7. Did you set your timings in the bios?? Ive had issues with my ram when the timing wasn't set correctly.
  8. i havnt touched the timings in bios, but they match the numbers from the manufacturer website; http://www.corsair.com/cmx8gx3m2a1333c9.html
  9. Yeah.... now im thinking too that.. memtest86 doesn't put enough stress like when playing games.... but that shouldn't happen

    Anyways did u try ram stick B??? and cleared that ram slot is fine??
  10. Dont even play with whatever vendor you bought your RAM From. corsair has good warrenties on thier memory just open an RMA on the corsiar website and state that you cannot boot and that you know the RAM is the issue. then when they issue you an RMA number send it back and you get brand new sticks from corsair.
  11. tripledouce: cool i did not know that :) ..

    Anyway i tried upping the voltage at that seemed to do the trick. My computer have now been running for a couple of hours with games and ect. Apparently they just wanted some extra power.

    I have no idea why - after 5 months without any problems - I suddently needed to set my voltage to 1.65 instead of 1.5 for it to work. Maybe my RAM just was abit "used" and need more voltage?

    Anyway if I ever have another problem i will just contact corsair directly. or maybe just buy some new hehe..

    Thanks everyone for your replies, i really appreciate it !
  12. No problem dude :D im glad it helped :D
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