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can a wireless router with keylogger get password for myspace or facebook.if someone is loged on my wireless network.like if there using a ipod or computer thanks
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  1. The router won't have a keylogger but any computer in the network may be infected. That's why wireless security is such an important issue. If you secure the network so you allow only those people in who you want to be there, and insist they maintain a certain level of security in their systems, you have a fighting chance of cutting down the risk.

    There, however, no failsafe answer and case should be taken at every opportunity.
  2. ok i will explane my little brother thinks wife is cheating on himand using ipod touch as a web broswer, she will not use the computer he has a keylogger on his laptop to track he.she has a password code on it to get on the ipod.but she allways using ipod. he thought there might be a wifi router keylogger to track her,is there a iopd touch key logger

  3. There isn't and if there was, I wouldn't be recommending it. Has he considered she's smart enough to know he's bugged the laptop and simply wishes to avoid it to spite his efforts? Has he tried talking to her?
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