Bought Gskill 32Gb CL9 kit, they sent me CL10. What to do?

Hi I just ordered that PC:

Dissipatore Noctua NH-D14 - [NH-D14]

1 € 58,76 21%
NILOX NX-1418M NERA [10NXKB3526001]

1 € 9,70 21%
Alimentatore Be Quiet E8-580W Straight Power Modular 80+[BN162]

1 € 77,07 21%
Case Fractal Design Define R3 Usb 3.0 Middle Tower Black Pearl [FD-CA-DEF-R

1 € 84,49 21%
Kit Desktop SSD 256GB interno 830 Series MZ-7PC256D/EU [MZ-7PC256D/EU]

1 € 138,82 21%
HD Esterno 3.5" 2TB Seagate Expansion [STAY2000202]

1 € 88,09 21%
DDR3 32GB PC 1866 CL9 G.Skill KIT (4x8GB) 32GXL RipjawsX [F3-1866C10Q-32GXL]

1 € 132,10 21%
MB ASUS P8Z77-V (Int,1155,Z77,ATX,DDR3,VGA) [90-MIBHZ0-G0EAY0DZ]

1 € 130,74 21%
Core i7 Ivy Bridge 3770K - 3,5 GHz - Cache L3 8 MB - Socket LGA 1155 (BX80637I73770K) [BX80637I73770K]

1 € 266,04 21%
GeForce GTX 670 - 2 GB GDDR5 - PCI-Express 3.0 (GV-N670OC-2GD) [GV-N670OC-2GD]

The Gskill were sold as CL9, but now that the PC arrived I discovered they are actually CL10, I think they have mistyped on the webshop cause actually it says CL9 but the codes probably refer to CL10: F3-1866C10Q-32GXL

Now, they put the right Ram on sale at the same price: DDR3 32GB PC 1866 CL9 G.Skill KIT (8x4GB) 32GBZL RipjawsZ [F3-14900CL9Q2-32GBZL]

Should I ask them to change my CL10 with that CL9? The price is the same. Is that CL9 kit faster then the CL10 kit? Will I notice any difference in performance?
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  1. yes exhange it. i mean you paid for one product and you got something else. CL or CAS reffers to how long it takes for your pc to request information and receive it from the ram. lower number means less time / faster
  2. Yeah I know, but it will take 15+ days for me to send the ram and have the correct one back, and I cant use the new pc meantime, and I already realize that with that new pc, renders that took me 24hours to be processed now are done in 40mins.

    So the question is, is it really worth it to stay 15+ days without pc to wait for CL9 ram? Will I have any noticable difference in performance? Will the system be more stable?
  3. Stay with that ram then. No you will not see a big difference. Maybe 1 more fps difference in games
  4. You will see a difference of perhaps 0.1% in real app times. About 3 seconds on your 40 minute run.
    Read this article on ram speed scaling.
    Not worth the hassle to return the ram.
    If you want, just ask for a credit on your purchase.
    It costs more for both you and the seller to correct the mistake.
    It is also possible that the ram is capable of cl9, but needs a bios setting to get there. Again, not worth the effort.
  5. ^+1 I agree.

    However IMPORTANT you are comparing 4x8GB (32GB) and 8x4GB (32GB) on a 4xDIMM MOBO!!!

    Keep what you have i.e. F3-1866C10Q-32GXL...
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