Will the real Gigabyte UD5H please stand-up?

Gigabyte appears to have pulled an incognito revision to the Z77 UD5H mobo in hopes of curing some of the "real" version 1.0 instability and wonkeyness issues. Does anyone know the UPC or SKU differences between the two boards? The old board is marked with blue tipped capacitors and a very noticeable gap between DIMM slot 2 and 3. Whereby the new version 1.0 has purple caps and no space. I think the quiet upgrade was launched in mid to late August. From online sleuthing, the retail package appears identical for both, so how to tell what you're buying without busting open the shrink wrap and box?

Old, http://rwlabs.com/images/articles/gigabyte/z77ud5h/10.jpg
New, http://www.hardocp.com/images/articles/1345569484f5QyJmcj7r_1_13_l.gif
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  1. if you know gigabytes boards are not "stable" then why wont you go with a different manufacturer such as asrock or asus? :P
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