Multiple problems since installing new motherboard/processor and ram

Yesterday I decided to finally install my new motherboard in the hopes of improving my computer but it has been nothing but a pain in the arse. I am really at a loss as to why it is not working but I will just list the problems I now face and my specs.

Asus M5A78L/USB3 ATX
8gb Kingston ddr3
AMD FX 6100 6-core 3.3ghz
Radeon 6700 1gb gddr5
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (will move to 64bit once I have backed up everything)
500w PSU

My hard drives, power supply and graphics card are the only things remaining from my old build

Problem 1
After installing everything I could start it up but it would cut out at the bios splash screen and restart, then on the second boot it would last a little longer but eventually turn off completely during the windows boot screen. Through problem solving I eventually got it to work for 15-20 minutes before it turned off by only having 1 hard drive with power running to it. My only problem is that 500w should run my system I'd have thought and it worked fine half an hour before when I had my old system set up?

I now have changed power supply to another 500w one a friend had spare and it half works but it will still randomly restart at least 3 times a day. Any ideas? My guess with this one is get a new power supply but I am not able to do that for atleast another few weeks so alternatives would be helpful!

Problem 2
Now my computer screen blacks out every now and again and it seems to be mostly when a video advert loads (like when going on this site every time i load a new page with a video ad the screen will drop out for a few seconds). I tried to download the latest video drivers (which was a beta driver) but the problem still persists. Again, 30 minutes before this my computer was working fine with all my old gear and still the same gfx card.

I have looked online for advice but nothing seems to solve these problems so I am now asking for help here to finally solve this hopefully!

Any ideas what could be the root of these problems?

Thanks guys and gals, let me know if you need anymore specific information
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  1. *it's a Sapphire 6770 gfx card I have, but it won't let me edit my post
  2. Get the power supply issue taken care of before you damage the rest of your system. Go to and check out the power suppl reviews.
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