Sound card not recognised on D945GCPE

Hi guys,
I have an old PC with the "D945GCPE" Intel motherboard. It is about 4-5 years old. Recently I turned on my PC there was no sound. I thought it was a driver issue and reinstalled the drivers. Now, the sound card is not being recognized by Windows. I have repeatedly installed and reinstalled the drivers but with no success.How can I get the sound back?. Is my motherboard dying?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Here is a page for troubleshooting audio issues with that board

    Here is the page for support for that board.

    I would check to see if there is something happening with that slot. Try to put another PCI card in the slot to see if it is recognized. If you dont have a card on hand you can pick up a cheap NIC card or wireless card to see if they will work.
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  3. Solved. Recently I had been receiving a BSOD for a RAM problem. To troubleshoot I turned off audio from the BIOS. So I turned it back on and the sound card was detected alright!
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