Ram stick upgrade now my system wont start help

i bought a set of 2x 1gb ram sticks to upgrade my pc as well as a friends by adding 1x1gb stick to each of our systems but things didn't go as planned.

I added 1 of the sticks to my 2 slot WINFAST 760 mother board and all seemed well as it started ok. Then things started going wrong as it was very very slow to turn off.

I then turned my machine off which took a good few minutes to cycle itself down and then added the other ram stick but all that happened was my system would start up but then i get an error mess stating that the REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL HAS TERMINATED UNEXPECTEDLY
It then gives me a minute before it closes and goes through the whole process again and again. Also my START and task bar have disappeared completely.

I also get these error messages.

I have tried pulling out bios battery no joy
Replaced my old ram sticks no joy.
Cant access system restore.

Can anyone please help me get my system back to how it was


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  1. Well combining not-like types of RAM will cause problems, as well as running it in a configuration not supported by your board (triple channel in a dual channel or the opposite). Some OS file may have gotten corrupted by the RAM, try a repair install with the old RAM in and see how it goes.
  2. Cheers

    I guessed i had done something wrong

    How can i do a repair if my system wont stay on long enough to do anything?
  3. As you may have guessed im not exactly pc literate hence the problems im having.

    I would be grateful for a step by step guide to help solve my problems cheers.

  4. Have you tried booting into safe mode? If you can get to the desktop normally (despite the fact it isn't working right), you should have access to the menus that allow a repair install, look for the options when it is booting up, usually it is F10 or F12 or F2 or the DEL key, something like that.
  5. hi
    Yeah i can access safe mode but only for a short time before i get the same error messages and then it tries to re-boot but isn't able to fully load.
    In safe mode i can get to my control panel and my computer etc... but not sure what to do with the short time i have before it re-boots again

    I am lost as to what to do :(

  6. There should be an option to enter the recovery console or something like that, what OS are you running?
  7. i dont have a recovery option

    I am using XP
    I can access my Windows OEM disc but cant find an option to repair and cant access restore in any way i know to use that
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