Why you should keep your gaming PC in your living room.

I recently built an HTPC for Media Center built around an i3. I threw in a GTS 450 for $60 and I got a cheap gaming machine. First of all gaming on over 50 inches is great. But the sweetest part is hooking it up to a 5.1 Surround Sound System. Then it really starts rocking. Plus a couch is far more comfortable over a chair.

Only downside is it's a pain to use a keyboard and mouse so I use a 360 controller instead. Which is not a good idea for Multiplayer gaming mind you. But for console ports it especially works well.

I recommend everyone to try connecting their main/gaming pc to the home entertainment system.
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  1. Um. Welcome to the 21st century :D
  2. ikyung said:
    Um. Welcome to the 21st century :D

    Well most people I know have it hooked up to a monitor.
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    I have mine hooked up to a 42" LED monitor - it's very amazing. I don't have a fancy sound system or anything yet - but the Klipsch speakers that I've been using more than make up for lack of surround sound.
  4. i will be keeping my micro AMD build in my living room soon.
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