Update bios use 8gb windows 7 64 bit ultimate

I want to download soft of newest bios because my RAM just usable 2.41GB. Laptop : HP dv6t 7000, ram 8gb, cpu core i7 Ivy, os win7 64bit ultimate. Bios date: 5/12/2012 I download on hp.com.
Thanks everyone!
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  1. I don't think a BIOS update will fix your problem as the existing BIOS already supports 8GB and more.

    the HP dv6t 7000 ships with minimum 8GB RAM as standard so there's no way HP would install a BIOS version that doesn't support that amount.

    Whatever is causing your problem, it isn't the BIOS version.
    Maybe some of the RAM is faulty?

    In any event, the only BIOS updates you can install are those supplied by HP. They only have 1 BIOS update for the HP dv6t 7000, it's dated 11/05/2012 and all it does is fix a hibernation issue.
  2. Try switching each of the RAM sticks to a known good slot and try each stick using Memtest to determine if the sticks are good. http://www.memtest86.com/

    Alternatively, you could try taking out each of the RAM sticks and individually try each DIMM slot one by one (by taking out all of the RAM, using one good stick - place it in DIMM slot #1, try to power on and see if the RAM is recognized. Repeat with each DIMM slot).

    It's most likely either bad sticks or bad DIMM slots. Highly unlikely that it would be the BIOS. Either way, you should be able to do a RMA.
  3. when you say 2.41 gb usable are you saying that you see 2.41 gb as installed memory? you can go into "run command" and type "dxdiag" and see how much ram direct x is reporting.
    if 2.41 gb is the ram left for usage then you could identify which programs are eating into the available memory (antivirus packs or some background service)...all this can be checked through task manager
    you may know this already... if you have a graphic card installed then ati hypermemory or nvidia turbocache do take up part of the ram. for hypermemory, the amount of ram it takes increases with increasing ram (less for 4 gb, more for 8 gb)and it cannot be disabled
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