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Hi All,

I'm building a rig for the first time and I have a fairly low understanding of the components available so I figured I'd ask you guys for help.
I'd be using the system mostly for gaming and watching movies and tv shows in high definition.

I've already purchased
CPU: Intel i5-2500k
Memory: 8GB G.Skills (2x4) DDR3 1600
HD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5TB 7200 RPM Sata 6

I haven't decided yet on which mobo I want, video card and PSU.

For my motherboard I want a p67 and was planning on going with the ASRock Extreme4 Generation 3 motherboard but even though the reviews on newegg are good for the motherboard, I don't know very much about ASRock and they're reliability. Also I know motherboards aren't the place to try and save money, so would it be worth going with another motherboard?

I am trying to justify getting a GTX570 as opposed to a 560 and was wondering if in the long run getting a GTX570 with 2 gb VRAM that I can put in SLI in the future would be worth getting as opposed to running a system with 560's in SLI.

Lastly, I am a little undecided as to how much I'm going to need in terms of wattage on my PSU. I was originally thinking of getting 750, but I have been told if I'm interested in going to SLI later I should get 850. Thanks for your thoughts and I hope to hear from you guys!
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    Motherboard, what you've listed is a good choice, and by no means "cheap".

    Even the ASrock Extreme3 Gen3 would be perfectly fine for SLI (providing you dont want front panel USB 3.0 ports - which depends on your case).

    560Ti and 570 are both solid cards whichever you choose, really depends on your budget.
    560Ti Gigabyte $205 (after rebate)
    570 Gigabyte $315 (after rebate)
    ~Gigabyte make really good cards and currently seem to have some great rebate offers on NewEgg.

    PSU - SLI 560Ti's = 750w recommended, SLI 570's = 850w recommended.
    Recommended brands include: XFX, Corsair, Anetc, SeaSonic - Look for 80PLUS ratings at the very least.
  2. With GTX570's, I would recommend a minimum of a QUALITY 850w psu. If your overclocking I'd recommend a 950w.

    I'm not talking about some generic 850w psu that really only put's out 600. I'm talking about Antec, Corsair, XFX.

    Asrock is owned by Asus, they are pretty much the exact same boards with different names and 1yr less warranty. They are my new fav.
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