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I'm considering 2 motherboards for my first ever build. In general, these two boards seem about the same. At this point, I need some help in comparing them!

I want to put 2-4Gb of memory - one in each slot. That would leave me 2 slots for later expansion.However, the QVL list for ASUS shows no DIMM (e.g. a 4 Gb DIMM) that would fit that requirement. The MSI doesn't appear to have a QVL at all. How do I solve that?

These are the two boards. Does one have any advantages over the other?
Is the build quality different?

ASUS P8H67-V ($109)

MSI H67A-G43 (B3) ($95)

What would you recommend?
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  1. What processor are you getting?

    H67 motherboard doesn't support any overclocking, so personally id be recommending you look into a P67 or Z68 - although again obviously this depends on your CPU choice.

    I use an ASUS board myself and have been very pleased with it so ASUS gets my vote every time.
  2. i5-2400. no overclocking, no gaming. Strictly business applications. What memory configuration would work as I described?
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    Asus and MSI are quality products. I currently have a MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS motherboard and they all run well and have never had a problem. (I'm not overclocking at all, so no comments on that aspect of quality)

    It looks like the extra $15 buys you name brand and heat spreaders on the voltage regulators. Since you aren't overclocking I doubt that it is needed.

    As for QVL, it hardly matters. Can't say I've ever used one of those when purchasing RAM and I've never had a problem. Just buy any DDR3-1333 and stick it in. When you go to add more RAM just make sure that the new RAM has the same speed and CAS latency and it should work fine.

    Here is a 2x2GB set that would work with either motherboard -
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