What video card can I upgrade to?

I'm looking for a better video card, other than the one that's built on my motherboard. I've got the info on my motherboard. My computer is a HP Pavillion a705w. The motherboard is a MSI Gamila/Giovani/Neon Series. The motherboard ID -08/05/2004-i845G-W627-6A69VM4YC-00. If you require more info, just let me know. I have more. Just not sure what is needed. I do know the one on my motherboard is an integrated 3D/2D Graphic Core, up to 64 MB shared video memory with multiplexed AGP interface. The chip type is Intel 845G/845GL/845GE/845GV Graphics Card. DAC type-8 bit. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium. Could whoever answers back, please explain how I would figure this out on my own? I'm working on other computers that I may need to do the same thing to. I was thinking of something around the 256 MB range on the video card. It would be nice if I could find something with TV out, S-Video and DVI, if possible. If not, that's ok with me. I'm just after a better video card. Thanks!
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  1. Well, that sound like a very old system to me; if I'm not mistaken, it uses an AGP port, right? Anyway, you could search for a 4650 AGP version if they're still around. The other good call was the 3850. Both of them have TV-Out. I don't recommend nVidia for TV-Out, cause they had (have?) horrible tv support, but that's my own experience.

    Why not change the whole thing, BTW?

  2. What i'm getting from HP's site is that their ins't an AGP slot.Only PCI slots.Although I could be wrong.It was hard enough trying to find this on HP's site.


    I'd say these are your options if the model I have is correct and that it only supports PCI slots.

  3. Yes, it's a 2004 HP. We're on disability, so getting another computer just isn't in our budget right now. I'd love to. So for now I'm trying to jazz this old dawg up as best as I can. I just put in a processor, the fastest this motherboard can handle. Cost me $6.43 total. Ram was $30.00, HDD was $24.50. This is the last thing I want to do. I was planning on installing a PCI video card. Not sure if I can just get whatever suits me. How about an ATI Radeon? I saw a lot of them on EBay. Quite a few 256 MB ones. There are a lot to choose from, so I'm concerned I might end up with one that won't work, and could of avoided this if I knew ahead of time which ones will work on my system. In the past I just bought whatever video card I felt like getting when I was building computers. But most everything back then went with whatever you were building. Now it's years ahead, with much better, faster video cards, and I need to get what works on this one. Got any ideas? Thanks
  4. Their are a couple 512mb cards and even a 1G card on newegg in the link I provided above.

    With all this new hardware you've added everything looks like it will run good again.But I just have one question,Do you know the make/model of your PSU?For some reason HP didn't provide that in the specifications.
  5. My power supply is a Bestec. Model ATX 250 - 12z Rev. D2 I want to thank you for your help. I went to HP's site, before you gave me the link, but I couldn't find anything telling me what would be an appropriate video card upgrade. Was there something there that I missed that gives you specs for a video card upgrade? I'll check out New Egg and see what they have to offer. I'm really trying to find something on EBay, which is more affordable. I don't want to sink a lot of money in this computer. I'm trying to get a little more performance out of it with as little money possible.
  6. They aren't cheap.Although I have no idea why they are not.I went looking on Amazon for PCI graphics cards and the prices on there aren't much better.At the very least you can just add another 64mb of ram but I think 256 or higher would be best.That way it would last a while.
  7. OMG, no AGP? That cuts a lot the options then, bro.

    Used video cards are the way to go then... But, just out of curiosity... That old PC isn't going to "game" anything, unless you're thinking about CS 1.6 or Quake2/3... Why do you want to upgrade the video card when you already have the CPU and RAM upgraded?

    It sounds rude and all, but I think it's a fair question.

    Anyway, this one is your last stop IMO: http://cgi.ebay.com/VisionTek-Radeon-256M-X1300-PCI-card-NIB-/300579378638?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item45fbed55ce#ht_500wt_1413

  8. I've been looking on EBay for a video card because I edit a lot of photos. I'm attempting video now, but I'm dropping frames. So I thought I'd try another video card, after doing all the other upgrades. I'm not a gamer, or anything. If it's not going to work, then so be it. That's why I put the question out there. I think I've figured out what exactly to look for now. I'm only looking at $30.00 for a really nice used one. If it helps in editing photos, I'll be a happy camper. My photos range in size from 5 to 10 MB. Not sure that my video capturing is going to work. I have a Sony Handycam, that uses Hi 8 tapes. I've been converting them from NTSC to MPeg. It is a bit jerky looking which I think it's dropping frames. Other than that, I have no problem with what it is. I just would like to have a little more speed in my photo editing without having to spend a lot of money. Eventually down the road, I do plan on getting a newer computer. I'd like to leave this one for my wife to use all spiffed up.
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