Asus P6T deluxe V2 makes me reset by clearing cmos

Hi guys,

I know this is kind of long, but I am new and would Really appreciate help.

I have a strange problem that just started happening. My P6T deluxe V2 has recently been freezing up on its logo screen that comes up before launching windows. It says I can hit del to run setup, but when I do nothing happens. It has happened twice in the last week now.

My solution has been manually clearing the cmos, which allows me to enter bios and then reset my storage configuration. I have raid 0 on my main drive (I know, been lectured plenty already) and a separate data drive.

The strange thing is, this second time when I reset the storage configuration, the options were different. Instead of listing each drive separately after I change IDE to RAID, the mobo automatically lists the 2 raid 0 drives as one drive, and the storage drive as another one (says RAID before data drive too, but treats it as a solo drive). I know this results in the same thing and the setup works fine, but why would my mobo be changing its options and presentation on its own after years of being the other way?

Could my mobo be updating itself randomly and forcing me to clear the cmos (it's never done this before). If it's not updating itself, how are the values in the configuration changing the options? Do you think the board is bad now and I will have to clear cmos over and over till it's dead?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. Happened again. Pretty worried. Any input greatly appreciated.
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