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I want to connect my 64-bit Vista PC to an Apple 30 inch Cinema Display. I am looking for a graphics card that has a mini displayport output. I do not need a fancy card otherwise. The machine's power supply is 300W, so I need a card that does not require some 500 or 600W power supply.

The machine's current is an ATI Radeon HD 4650.

Would appreciate some expert advice.

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  1. Cards sometimes have different specs. Check the latest and cheapest cards for compatibility.
    You can also look around for adapters. I know apple have a mdp to dvi/etc, but not sure about the reverse.
  2. Many Radeon cards have minidisplay port here is an example

  3. Thanks. The adapters do not work well (I tried them) and do not provide highest resolution that the CD can display.

    The cards with MD-ports mostly are high end and require high power (> 300).

    Here is one I was considering....


    I wonder if it will replace my current card (that is, will it fit the slot, use the right power, and be compatible)?
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