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I am looking for a 2011 socket motherboard. It needs to support USB3, SATA3 (at least 1 internal port). Also, very important, and this is the hard part for me, it needs to have at least two PCI-e x1 slots for a sound card and a wireless network card. None of these slots can be right below the first PCI-e 16x slot because the graphics card will cover it. That is the problem I find with today's motherboard and I can't find one that suits my needs. If it has two RJ45 ports better, like my current asus rampage extreme. This way I am able to plug the network cable (some times I use it) and at the same time a WD My Book Live Duo.

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  1. I don't know if you have heard, but you can plug a x1 card into a x16 slot. It only takes up part of the slot, but that's how it was designed, and that's why you don't see boards with two x1 slots, it's more common to have SLI setups with two x16 and a x1.

  2. Wow I did not know what. It changes it all, thanks!
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