White screen upon starting the computer

Antec 300 case(Front: 2x120mm Antec tricool Fan @ Low. Rear: Scythe GT(1200 RPM). Top: 140mm Antec tricool Fan @ low)
Thermaltake W0131 850W PSU
Asus P5G41-M LE
Core 2 Duo E6300 SL9TA OC'ed to 2.2GHZ
Corsair 4 gig(2x2) DDR2 800 mhz
Intel X4500 Onboard
500GB SATA Hard Drive
250GB PATA Hard Drive
160GB PATA Hard Drive
Vista 64 SP2
22 inch monitor @ 1680x1050

Hi guys,

Yesterday while turning on the computer I got a blank white screen instead of the usual POST screen. Then the windows start up bar showed up and everything was fine. Today I turned on my pc again. This time it was white screen in POST screen and white screen in place of windows start up screen and more white screen at login. I hit the restart switch and everything showed up fine, POST, windows startup, and login. I'm a little worried what happens tomorrow when I start the computer...I might just leave it on overnight. :??:

And I'm not sure this has anything to do with it but I'll just put it out there. That yesterday morning I pulled the plugs from the power bar out of the outlet. The PSU was still on when I did this.

I googled white screen and I mostly see people with laptops asking this question. But lots of laptops uses onboard video as well.

Is there a way I can find out if either the monitor or onboard gpu is failing without installing another video card or having to get another monitor to find out what is failing?
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  1. try disconnecting the video cable from the pc graphics--if the monitor goes from white to black even if it says no signal then the monitor should be ok

    make sure both ends of the video cable are secure--sounds obvious but i have plugged my monitor video cable in before but not tightenened the screw connectors enough as they are on the underside of the monitor and hard to see what you are doing and the connector has loosened leading to everything going green--thought my graphics card was faulty for a while before i tried to tighten the connectors

    also the cable connecting the pc and monitor could be faulty--havent seen that before but any cable can get a small break in it due to constant movement and heat
  2. That it is failing even before e failure.the driver loads indicates a probable hardware failure. Not much you can do about that but on the bright side it's easy enough to disable on-board graphics and install a discreet card.
    Look at it as an upgrade
  3. Hey guys thanks for the suggestions.

    So I turned on the computer today. White screen all the way thru. One thing I noticed tho the screen does go black, I'm assuming at these points there's nothing coming thru the screen. I rebooted a few times and same white screen this time. So I removed the cable connecting it to the DVI connector on the motherboard. Put it back on. And the Vista login screen shows up. I have moved the computer around a bit in the past so maybe the cable did get loose?

    We'll see what happens tomorrow to be sure...
  4. White screen again upon turning on the pc all the way thru with black screen moments when there's no image being fed to the monitor. I had to pull the cable out and put it back in again to get it to display the screen. Any ideas why?

    When I rebooted the computer after it's been on everything displayed just fine. However upon a cold boot I get the white screen.
  5. try a different monitor cable--it may have a small break in it--on laptops the cable joining the base to the screen commonly gets a small break in it and white screen is the result so same principle applies to desktop cable
  6. Just thought I'd follow up on this. Turns out it is the monitor that is failing. I get a white screen when I pull out the cable instead of it saying no signal. Seems to have gotten progessively worse. As long as I keep the monitor on, it displays the image. If the monitor is turned off for a while I'll get the white screen upon turning it on. Odd but the monitor is at the end of it's life I guess...That's what I get for buying a cheap brand. You live you learn lol!
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