1.5 GB VRM vs 3 GB VRM - how much of a difference will it make?

Ok, so that is my question, running at a 1900-100 or whatever, resolution, will the extra 1.5 GB make a difference?
I plan on recording some with fraps as well, just so you know
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  1. No.
  2. ok, but I need some more people's opinons to make sure you are right
  3. assuming you are talking about the gtx 580, 3gb vram versions are actually slightly slower. 1.5gb is more than enough of vram for 1080p.
  4. Yeah, I am, so I shouldn't go with the MSI lightning extreme, just the MSI lightning?
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    When gaming, yes, there's better performance due to a large amount of memory on 1.4Gb card than a 1gb card this happens on resolutions higher than 1080p, when you set these settings AA and AF to 4x and up, and better textures quality, the more GDDR is used to save and show up in screen, when there's lack of memory it performs poorly because it uses the system DDR memory increasing latency and consequently less FPS. hope this is clearly enough.
  6. Ok, I see, I think I'll go with the Xtreme edition then
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