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HELP! my computer is shuting down when i open a game

I've been looking for answers to my problem everywhere and i can't find a solution, i hope someone can help me here.
My pc specs
Core2quad 2.5mhz
Nvidea Gforce 9400 GT
SO: Windows 7 ultimate

I've been using this PC for more than a year now, the MB and Ram and CPU are practically new same for my video card and power supply, but a few weeks back my computer started to freeze and shut down, and i had to restart a few times to make it back on again, when it did it was showing me a message "The previous overcloaking has failed, but i the thing is i am NOT overcloacking anything, i try to restart the bios configuration and loaded the defaults values and safe values, and it worked fine for 2 days, and it started again, the computer crashes more when i am playing a game, i but it also crash when im not playing, i updated all my drivers even the flashed the bios and nothing is working.

As a desperate messure i cleaned up my board yesterday, (it wasnt that dusty to cause any trouble) but i did it anyway, but after that the computer got worse, now i dont get the overcloacking message, but the computer shuts down everytime i open a game, ANY game, when the game gets to the title screen the computer shuts down, i have to turn it on again, and it shuts down every single minute, even if im not opening a game, i have to wait a while to turn on the computer and be able to use it without shutting down, but as soon as i open a game it shuts down.

I thought it was the video card, i removed it and test the computer, but it crashes anyway even without the video card, as soon as game get to the title screen, i tried using one memory slot, even though the memories are fine but is not working either, the computer is not overheating, i mean i dont even get to enter the game so is not possible, besides when i touch it, everything is cool enough.

i dont know what else to do, i dont think is the PSU because i only have 4 months with it, and i dont have to unplugged and plug the cord or anything to get the pc running, anyone have an idea what my problem may be?
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  1. Sounds like the power supply is dying. When your computer loses power it can throw up that overclocking warning, even though you're not overclocking. I would test the PSU in another system to rule it out.
  2. it sounds like its either OS, psu, or motherboard.

    But First, you said you cleaned off the motherbd but did you refresh your thermal paste? Dont forget to check the northbridge cooler too. Often theres a heatsink on there held on by springloaded retainers and you can clean the old compound off that and reapply some good stuff. The other types of northbridge heat sinks are held on by thermal cement (glue) so don't try to pry them off.

    Next I would make a memtest86 boot cd and then boot from it and test your memory.

    If that passes, boot into windows and use disk manager to shrink your partition. and then boot up using yuor windows disk and create a new installation in the unused space. Use Prime95 in the new windows to test with. If it crashes open the case and put a house fan blowing in right next to it and see if its better.
  3. I didnt refeshed the thermal paste, the things i dont have any, and i have less than a year with this Board and CPU, i;ve read that this type of boards tend to die young, but i'm not 100% sure if the board is the one with the problem, i tested my memories and they are fine, and i dont think is the OS i've formatted the PC twice and it doesnt solve the problem.

    For instance, now ive been using the computer for like an hour and it hasnt shut down yet, but if i attempt to open a game it will shut down immediatly, i have installed chipset, and drivers for everything and ive been using the computer without problems for sometime now, until 2 weeks ago that started with all this
  4. you say you havent over-clocked but your getting oc fail... that normally means the psu cant supply the correct amount of current to somewhere on the board causing similar instability as a bad overclock... try resetting the bios to optimized defaults. then reboot. if you get the same then check your ram with memtest. if it passes then move on to prime 95 blend test.

    you may also want to turn off auto reboot... incase your getting a bsod, bt the system is auto shutting off so you dont see it... if thats so then:

    go to the system boot menu (press F8 repeatedly at power on and splash screen... and turn off instant reboot. so you can read the blue screen if it appears.

    write down what failed you should see something bla! blah!.exe failed or some such followed by a 0x0000000 format number. write both down and post back...

    if your shutting down but you cant start up immediately (say within 30 seconds) this normally points to a temperature issue... in this case. clean and renew the cpu paste with a better quality 1
  5. (sight) :/ computer crashes when i start the memtest, so i guess one or both of my memories is the problem.....i'm not an expert here so i OS recognize my 2 memories, as far as windows concern i have 4GB DDR2, so it is possible for a memory to fail or give problems even if the system recognizes it?
  6. yes. check the memory brand and model to see what volts it uses. it could be your bios is setting the wrong volts for the memory. something like 1.8v but the memory may need as much as 2.2v (check with memmory manufacturer first b4 you adjust anything). if its just the memory volts are wrong then 1s there correctly powerd your system should become stable again.

    to get memory type get cpu-z and look under the memory tab. it should lits the make and model there.
  7. the memories are Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5, 2x2Gb, running with 1.8V, i cant contact the manufacturer to check the volts thing, now check this, as long as i dont launch any game or run any java app the computer runs for about 2 or 3 hours without shuting down, only surfing and watching videos, it shuts down eventually but not that fast, on the other hand, if i launch a game or launch a java app the computer shuts down inmediatly, less than a minute after i launch the game or app, any ideas? could it be the PSU?, even though is kind of new, is the only really cheap thing i have in my pc, (it came with the tower case i bought 4 months ago)
  8. its quite possible. b4 you swap it out though...
    does your memory have a heatsync? if so bump the volts to 1.9v dont worry this is safe. most ddr2 memory is designed to go to 2.2v for overclocking, and corsair are a good brand so 1.9-2.0v shouldnt cause any temp issues if your game loads and plays without crashing straight away. then your ram is unstable and should be replaced.
    if it craps out straight away then yes i would look towards the psu.

    oh! and...
    happy xmas...
  9. no, my memories doesnt have heatsink, plus i dont really know how to change the memory volts and i guess is not safe to change it without a heatsink, right? thanks for your support and merry xmas to you too ;)
  10. this is my system health, you think is overheating? this is after 2 hours of using the computer, it still crash after a while and as soon as i open a game or app, i can watch videos or surf for a while though

    CPU: intel core 2 quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz
    CPU Temp: 89 ° c/190 ° f
    System Temp: 36 ° c/96 ° f
    CPU fan speed: 2262 RPM
    CPU Vcore: 1.088v
    3.3v: 3.360v
    5v: 5.129v
    12v: 12.232v
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    yeah your cpu temp is off the chart m8 either you have no thermal paste on the hsf or its not fixed properly to the mount... or its full of dust...

    clean it out, replace the thermal compound and check the mounting bracket for warping.
  12. i think the problem is the thermal paste, i removed the fan the other day when i was cleaning the pc, i never took the CPU out though, the fan is fixed proprely so it should be the lack of paste, honestly didn't know it was that important, when i bought the CPU i mounted it with no thermal paste and it was running fine, that was almost a year ago, but anyway im heading out now to the store to grab some thermal, lets hope that fix it :)
  13. Well it was overheating, i put some thermal paste in it and now everything is fine, ive been using it for a while now and is not crashing anymore, thanks for the support ;)
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