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I was thinking about upgrading my 8800GT to a GTX550ti, but im not so sure if I would notice that drastic of a performance increase.
I normally play at 1920x1080 and in a few games like the Witcher 2 and Hydrophobia my card is starting to show its age.
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  1. Passmark Scores

    8800GT: 966
    550TI: 1892

    Not to mention you're getting DX11, and roughly doubling your frames and your video memory. It would be drastic. :)
  2. You will see some performance increase (about 30%) but based on the rest of your system then you would be happier with GTX560(ti) for your resolution.
  3. That's a decent upgrade, not earth-shattering but you'll get 30-40% more frames in various games at the same settings you're running now and DX11 capability.

    For the sake of comparison, a GTX 560 would give you at least double the framerates (+100%) and a GTX 560 ti about 150% more. These numbers assume no bottlenecking at CPU/RAM/any system bus.
  4. Shame on me for using passmark, but I still think it would be closer to 60% faster, plus the original question was only asking if the increase would be drastically noticeable, which I believe it would be. Plus it's still a respectable amount of power for $120!
  5. so if im getting 20-30 fps on low in the witcher 2 at 1920x1080 then whay should i expect with the 550ti?
  6. i would go for a 6850 or gtx460. much better bang for buck than the 550
  7. I upgraded from a 9800GT (same as an 8800GT) to a GTX460 (that I overclocked a bit using software included by EVGA). I noticed frame rate improvement of 2 to 4 times depending on the settings....Basically previosly with a playable framerate (based on settings I would get double frames with the 1GB GTX 460. However, the 460 was about 3 to 4 times faster if I turned on more AA and the such. So lets say I would go from 15 FPS on the 9800GT I would get like 50 to 55 on the GTX.

    I think Tom's benchmark indexes help support this as they are FPS compilations of games

    Gamer index http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2011-gaming-graphics-charts/Gamer-Index,2673.html

    Enthusiast index - http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2011-gaming-graphics-charts/Enthusiast-Index,2674.html

    So basically you will be able to turn up the details and probably get a better framerate then what you got with the 8800 GT on a lower framerate

    If you keep watching on new egg you can get a GTX 460 1GB for like $120 after MIR (thats what I paid) Also make sure you do not buy the SE version.
  8. Do you think that i would be able to power a 460gtx with the same power supply? its 500wats
  9. I believe the 880GT recommended a 400W and the 460 recommends 450W. so it matters how much you trust your PSU. I am running a questionable quality 550W power supply that is 5 years old and it works, but I am not an expert on PSUs...

    the GTX 460 needs 2 6 pin connectors but I think it comes with adapters if you only have 1.
  10. charles522 said:
    Do you think that i would be able to power a 460gtx with the same power supply? its 500wats

    The GTX460 only uses about 30w more than an 8800GT.
  11. ok I think im going to go with the GTX 460 superclocked edition i found it for $170. Do you guys think its a good deal or is there something better i can get for that price?
  12. That's a great card, but you can get the non-superclocked version for $140 and then overclock it to well over either's factory clocks. Just an idea.
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