SATA cables are upside down from PSU

Ever noticed that the SATA power cables from the PSU are upside down in relation to your drives?

While competing a new build, I couldn't get the SATA power cables to my HDD drives, due to the nature of the new case (Antec P280) and the sideways pacement of the drives in this case, and the bottom placement of the PSU, regardless of the cable management properties of this case.

However, after searching online, I found a nifty little trick to right the wrong of these SATA cables.


Now it not as simple as that. I mean remove the connectors from the cable, and reseat them with the correct orientation and direction.

The back of the plug comes off easily, with a very small screwdriver, and snaps back into place when done.

It's important to note which cable is on the notched side of the connector, and to keep that wires (color) at that connector. So instead of just turning it right side up, you actually put the plug on the other side of the cable, keeping the colorsed wires in the same pin location.

There are 15 pins on the SATA power connector, but only 5 wires form the PSU to power it. The colored wire on the notched side of the plug has always been orange (I've only done 2 PSU like this). I keep this orange wire on the notch, but flip the plug to the other side of the wire, beit flat or round cableing.

I've also moved the SATA plugs to the placement of my drives, to rid of the looping, bunching, or slack in the line.

Pictures will explain this much easier than words. So I'll work on that.
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  1. It's funny, last time I mentioned punch down connector's as a means of adding a connector where needed, I had noobs telling me how dangerous they could be.
    I have no need of a guide, but I look forward to it just the same.
  2. To me the orientation of the plugs makes sense - fear my epic paint skillz :lol:
  3. I need to add:

    For those with top mounted PSU, the connectors are right.

    BUT, with all the new cases, the PSU in mounted on the bottom. Thus, the connectors have to go up to go down to the drives. Here lies the problem. They may not, as in my case, reach.

    Reversing the connectors is much easier than routing the cables out the back, and then back in.

    Adding connectors can be dangerous, stressing the wiring and PSU over the limit in was intended for. But moving them, as I did, kept the 4 on the line that it already had.
  4. Great advice - just what I was looking for! Doing my first boxes for a small render farm and was quite confused how Corsair things their SATA power cables are supposed to be working with their PSUs mounted at the bottom rear. Thanks!
  5. Excellent Solution! Just needs a bit of patience to carry out properly - & Double Check the Colour of the Wires - especially the Orange or equivalent BEFORE connecting electricity. Observe Electrical Safety.
    Saved me lots of time searching the web & Spending unnecessarily.
    The PSU manufacturers say they 'dont supply' the needed cables & suggest turning drives upside down!
    That is defeating the whole purpose of the PSUs and puts the 'Cart before the Horse'!
    Also unless you are in a Zero-Gravity environment like the Space-Station DVDs are hard to insert.... i.e. totally ridiculous!
    So Thank You once again - The best ideas are the simplest - (Einstein).
  6. So I want to do this with my new Corsair 500r/Corsair HX750 build. I dislike the extra sata cable for no reason. I'm assuming that the pictures mentioned in the OP never happened?
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