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How many fps in Crysis 2 would I get on 6870cfx?

Hi Everybody,

How many fps do you think I can get in Crysis 2 settings: (gamer, advanced,and hardcore) on my gaming rig with i7 960 @ 3.2 and 6870cfx on a:

1. 2560x1440 27" monitor @ 60Hz
2. 1080p 27" monitor @ 120Hz
3. 1080p 21.5" monitor @ 60Hz

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    1. 30 fps.
    2. 60 fps.
    3. 25 fps.

    Just guessing.
  2. Is 3 even a possible setup? You have the bezel right in the middle of your screen or have front and back or what?
  3. Are these guesses based on the highest graphics settings?(just curious). I think #3 would work but the bezel would be in the middle of everything.(many only one screen)
  4. Yes my random guesses are based on DX11, ultra, high res patch ect. :)
  5. thanks, so even if I got the 120Hz monitor it would not be much use at all if my pc isn't capable of breaking the 60Hz barrier by a substantial margin. Especially if I like playing in the monitor's native res and playing with as high graphics setting my pc is capable of.
  6. Well based on that one single game yes, but every other game, or crysis 2 without dx11 you could push 120 fps.
  7. If I can push to 120 fps without dx11, is it even worth it to go for a 120Hz monitor?
    I decided not to get a dual monitor setup. (21.5" one)
    The deal for the U2711 ends on Friday.
    It is about 300 dollars cheaper.
    I just don't want to make the wrong decision, cause that is quite an expensive monitor. So to sum it up for Crysis 2 with optimized graphics for my pc:

    1. U2711: Less than 60fps if dx11 is enabled or not or more than if, graphics settings are lowered.

    2. 27" 120Hz: More than 60fps if dx11 is disabled or lower graphics settings.

    Should I buy a monitor that is slower, but screen looks nicer (hips) or should I get a monitor that is faster, but the screen is looks okay (tn).
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