Computer re-booting after upgrading my ram.

Okay so today I bought a new ram containing 4gb ddr3 1333 mhz(Silicon-Power brand) and I was really excited since i only have 2gigs of ram(I have 64-bit operating system) but when i plugged it it made the noise and stuff but then when i booted it said your system memory has changed and i tapped f1 to continue and that went good but when it gets to starting windows(sometimes at please-wait) interface it reboots and tells me to run startup repair(I did run that but it said it couldn't fix that) so after it says the new hardware you have installed might not work properly and sometimes it shows me the BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death), it dumps the files and then re-boots again my computer specs are:2 quad cpu 2.66ghz(4 CPUs), 2gb ram) windows 7 ultimate 64-bit OS and my computers memory slots can hold up to 4gb each.Help would be really appreciated:).
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  1. Is anyone able to help me?
  2. need more information.

    what is your motherboard? and did you check the compatibility list for memory for that motherboard? and what kind of RAM did you use previously? Can you link us to the RAM you bought?

    you may have faulty RAM or you may need to manually set the timings and voltage of the ram in the BIOS. But you really need to run memtest86.
  3. Can I have your skype or something so you can check all those things via teamviewer(I have cpuid and everything)?
  4. Always shows me BSOD(BAD_POOL_HEADER)
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