Netgear ga311 problems connecting

hi i got a netgear ga311 becuase my onboard ethernet port stoped working randomly, now i have installed the ga311 but it cant connect to the router and in the cmd when i type ipconfig it says media disconnected but on the back of my pc the netgear ga311's data light is on and on my router (which is a billion 800vg) the light for the port that i have connected my pc to is on but i have no connections still oh i have also cheked the cable wih anouther pc and it works fine plz help oh 1 more thing im runnin a win 7 64 bit
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  1. I couldn't see a GA311 driver for Win7/64 on Netgear's site -- did the GA311 install properly using Win7 built in drivers ? Check Control Panel, System Device Manager.
  2. yes in device manager it says its working fine but it isnt im really cunfused :(
  3. You shouldn't have to but I'd turn off the Windows (and any other) firewall.
  4. ok ill try it thanx ill report back in a few secs
  5. nope it didnt work
  6. some 1 plz help
  7. salarjavadi said:
    some 1 plz help

    Hi Salarjavadi,
    I have the exact same problem, onboard ethernet quit, and I got the GA311. It says on the box VISTA supported but get update online. I have the update and it stops saying the wizard is not supported by win7. I am going back and forth with netgear and am ready to take the junk back to Fry's tonight.

    Jack in AZ
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