[MSI] BIOS Update to Ivy Bridge without Sandy Bridge?

I just bought a new MSI Z77 G45, and an Ivy Bridge CPU. I found out after I bought it that in order to use the new Ivy Bridge CPUs with this board, you need to update the BIOS. The problem is that I don't have access to a Sandy Bridge processor. Is there any way to force a BIOS flash without a Sandy bridge CPU?
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  1. I think that you might be a little confussed and/or missinformed, you just bought the new Ivy Bridge cpu and z77 motherboard and since the Z77 chipset motherboard was made for the Ivy Bridge cpu there is no need to flash the bios.
    If you had bought the Sandy Bridge cpu then you would need a bios lash to use that cpu with the Z77 motherboard. There is no new Sandy Bridge cpu , the newest cpu is the Ivy Bridge cpu.
  2. Sorry, I made a mistake when I wrote that post. I said that in order to use the new Sandy Bridge CPUs that I need to update the BIOS. That should have said Ivy Bridge. My bad.

    Anyways I found [this thread stating that some Z77 motherboards require an update in order to be compatable with Ivy Bridge. I checked on the MSI website and it showed that my motherboard requires an update in order to flash the bios.
  3. As I had said the Z77 motherboards are made for Ivy Bridge and don't require an update to use an Ivy Bridge cpu. Have you even tried to use the Ivy Bridge cpu with the motherboard?
  4. Yes, and it will not post.
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