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What PSU do i need! all welcome!

alright so ill make this short and sweet. i just dont want to be under powered, based on this system what psu would be best.

Rosewill thor V2 case
Asus Maximus E-ATX p67 board
Intel I7 2600k (it will be overclocked)
Nvidia GTX 580
750 gb HD WD caviar
Intel Liquid Cooler
G Skill Ripjaws 8GB (2 sticks)
and an LG All in one Blu ray, DVD, etc..

right now i have an 1000w Rosewill Modular PSU selected.

would that be enough in case later on i want to improve the system with say SLI or Crossfire. i want room for improvement, but i dont want to overkill the system.
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More about what need welcome
  1. 1000 wtts is plenty for SLI GTX580 but I would select something else than rosewill, here is an OCZ modular with good reviews
  2. i was thinking of getting the Corsair 1050 (onl[y because they dont have 1000w i dont believe)

    is OCZ reliable? as far as PSU goes that is.
  3. You haven't bough the rosewill yet right?

    For Sli'd GTX580's 1000w should be just fine, but you're cutting it close, don't expect to go crazy on OC's, and rosewill PSU's are mediocre at best. I'd go for something like this instead:
  4. Or the corsair 1050 will also be fine.
  5. well the dual GTX 580s was just an example. i may not ever have a need for 2 cards, but in case something crazy happend..
  6. oh and BTW, let me know how the system looks...the G skill is 1600 mhz

    im thinking of looking at Corsair Vengeance
  7. They are but have not been as consistent with quality products like Corsair but I trust reviews from jonnyguru and hardwaresecrets for the 850 watt version
  8. well i want consistent parts, thus why alot of my things are name brand and not some knock off stuff (ie asus, corsair..etc) i try to base my selections on reviews from verified owners, and youtube.
  9. No matter what brand it is there will always be failures (as an example I have had two RMA's with ASUS) when I said consistent I was saying not all their products in the past have not been top quality but this one is. User reviews especially at newegg is nothing to go by other wise you would be buying a rosewill!
    Good reference when selecting PSU's
  10. i agree there will be failures, im def not into buying something from someone who, in the past, has not been a top quality producer. then magically...they are? nahh. ill pass. ive settles on the HX1050 from corsair.
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    The HX1050 is a great choice.
  12. i appreciate your guys help!
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  14. The HX series generally garners a 10.0 jonnyguru performance rating....except the 1050, it gets a rather pedestrian 8.5

    I wouldn't use anything less than a 9.5 rating

    The AX1200 gets a 10.0
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