NEW 850$ build ..NEED HELP

Hey Hey, im doing a 850$ gaming build, which is gonna be pretty awesome. But im gonna need your input im fairly new to pc's and might not know all the best things, so you guys feel free to swap anything out or recomendd something different

1.CPU/MOBO combo deal at newegg its the i5-2500k which i plan to extreme overclock, and the p67a-c43.. i heard its a decent mother board, but it only has 1 pci-e slot so i cant SLI, which i don't plan on, when the ivy bridge (LGA 2011 socket) will come out i will get a new motherboard and get SLI mode.

RAM:i am debating to get Gskill sniper 8GB DDR3 1600, or Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 ...$2 diference.which one? Gskill: 50$ Corsair: 52$

Graphics: i will probably be getting the ASUS gtx 560 ti, overclocked at 900Mhz or do you think the msi twin frozr II will be better once again same price $230.. which one?

Case: i will be getting the coolermaster HAF912, for 60$ its awesome for that price. anything better ? at same price ..recomendd it

Power supply/HDD combo at newegg. its the corsair TX650 Bronze certified v2 and the western digital caviar blue 1TB 7200RPM hdd.. anything better for same price? 115$ for the both as a deal

Cooler: antec kuhler h20 620 water cooling kit.. its 61$ and i plan to overclock 4.6GHZ ++ mabye 5.0 but most likely 4.8-4.9

Optical: just a simple asus cd/dvd drive

and im gonna add a coolermaster megaflow 200m red led fan ! so is this build good or bad? and just everything look good? need your help guys thanks! :) :D

i might not of put this in right section i apoligze im new so please move my thread if needed! thankss
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  1. cpu is good, most auto OC programs will take that cpu right around 4Ghz as is on air.
    get what ever ram is XMP compatible, if they both are then.. meh. dont buy 4 sticks, get 2 4GB sticks and not 4 2GB sticks.
    dont waste money on the super clocked video cards. buy the normal card and download an OC utility, you will get faster speeds for less money. I do not like MSI video cards, i had a few radeons back in the day that had really shitty, loose, flimsy heat sinks from MSI and i will never recomend them to anyone.
    case is what ever looks good to you
    do not put your hopes and dreams into that liquid cooling kit. it is not a real LC system, just a cheap gimmicky knock off just so people can say they have LC. a real LC system has high end cpu blocks, high flow tubes, a real dual pass radiator and a strong pump. this LC kit is not going to give you much better cooling compared to a AC freezer pro or what ever high end fan heat sink you want to choose.

    fans and such are all looks, what ever you want in that range. you can spend money on high CFM fans but for a basic build like this its not worth it. also do your self a favor and put some money into some high grade thermal compound. the goop will make more of a difference to your cooling performance than the water cooling will. (comparing the water cooling to a high end fan). hell if you drop down the heat sink, and put some extra cash towards the video card you could get a higher end card in that for the same price i think.
  2. Oh okay, well the ram i think ill just go with the gskill sniper 8gb, because i like gskill better and haha i am getting 2 4GB sticks. and the asus gtx 560 ti is 225$ and 830Mhz u think i should just get the 830mhz for 5 dollars less? and the lc system i know its not like high end but it'll do people do 5.1GHZ and load 78 C thanks alot bro
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