What will fit in this motherboard

My friend has this motherboard:
Manufacturer eMachines
Model EL1360G (CPU 1)
Chipset Vendor AMD
Chipset Model A40/A50 Series

He wants to upgrade his APU and I'm wondering if this will fit in it.

If it doesn't what will match this mobo socket?
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  1. Long story short - no it won't.

    The CPU currently in it is a E-300 or something like that, the new CPU needs to be socket FM1 in order for it to fit into the socket let alone work. Also, the PSU is a mere 220w.

    As for the question "what WILL fit the mobo socket?" - the answer is: Nothing that would be worth performance gain. Tell him - don't bother. If he wants a faster/better PC, tell him to sell this one and get a slightly more customization build/PC.

    These computers weren't ever designed to be upgraded like that.
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