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What to buy to prepare for BF3

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September 19, 2011 9:43:12 PM

Hey guys I have about £270 I am going to spend on my pc relatively soon, hopefully I can get it upgraded before the bf3 beta. Anyhow here are my current specs:

amd x4 955@ 3.6ghz
asus m4a785td-v evo
8gb gskill ddr3 1600mhz ripjaws x
1tb 7200rpm hdd
500gb 7200rpm hdd
Asus gtx 470 v2
650w xfx xxx edition psu
hyper 212 plus cooler
cm storm scout
monitor 1920x1080
(I think that's everything)

I have some left over acrtic mx-2 and thermal paste remover - just as a side note.

Basically I am not sure what to upgrade with the money. I was thinking about maybe an i5 2500k and a new motherboard, but am not sure whether it would be the best choice. Can anyone give me any tips on what you think I should get? (bear in mind I want to run bf3 on maxed settings- I know you can't say for definite, but I know you guys can guesstimate :p .)


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September 20, 2011 12:14:26 AM

Your current system looks fine. Most games are GPU reliant, but an i5 2500k is a great upgrade overall. See if you can push your 955 a bit further (not too far though; look at a few OC guides and settings for an X4 955). A GTX 470 is somewhat equivalent to a GTX 560 Ti. I would honestly save up the money for future upgrades.
September 20, 2011 6:21:11 AM

Sadly I have tried really hard to get a higher OC with my x4 955, and it just won't budge no matter what I do :(  And it definitely isn't a temperature problem, anyhow that doesn't really matter as it will give me minimal performance gain anyway.

So you guys think it is worth it for a 2500k? or do you think I should wait until amd releases it's new batch of processors and intel releases it's i7 2700k and decide then?

Or should I just hold off upgrading all together for now? (Also note that christmas is a few months away - I will probably be able to upgrade my graphics card then with something worth ~£300, if I sell my graphics card too.

Any more suggestions?
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a b B Homebuilt system
September 20, 2011 9:22:17 AM

I wouldn't spend on your current build at all to be honest.

i5-2500k would be a nice upgrade and leave a nice upgrade path open but your looking about £115 for a PCI 3.0 motherboard (ASRock Extreme 3 Gen3) and then £160 for an i5-2500k which although is a nice set up, probably wont give too much more performance than your current set up in terms of gaming.

There's some big game releases coming between now and Christmas so id be tempted to just save your money for those, maybe even consider something a bit different, like a 3D vision kit or something like that. 3D ready monitor will set you back about £150-200 and then about £90 for the 3D kit :) 
September 20, 2011 4:20:48 PM

Your right, I forgot about all the good games coming out. I better keep the money saved because there are at least 3 more games I want to buy other than bf3 :) 

Thanks for the help!