Questions about Tessellations in games.

Is there a list of games that use Tessellation? Is Tessellations just for Direct X 11 games? I currently just keep it on off, because I am not sure what games use it or not. Right now I just play World of WarCraft, StarCrat II, Counter-Strike Source, and Modern WarFare 2.

I put it on 64x just to see if there was any visible difference while playing MW2. I did not see any. But it made the game skip more.

I can keep it on AMD Optimized, use application settings, or use a slider to keep it on off, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 16x, 32x or 64x. Not sure which one I should keep it on. Do any games out there actually use 64x? Is x6 or x8 really the max games can use? Which do you think I should set it on?

Now I saw some videos of what Tessellations do for games. They were Nvidia graphcis, mine is an ATI, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

My other question is, does enabling Tessellations do some Anti-Aliasing as well? Should I still enable Anti-Aliasing with Tessellation or leave Anti-Aliasing at x1 with Tessellations enabled. Does which type and mode of Anti-Aliasing I use with Tessellations (Box, Edge-Detect, Super AA) matter.

I have a N61JQ-X1, with a ATI 1GB 5730 Mobility HD, OCed at 760 MHz core clock, and 870MHz Memory Clock. This is a DDR3 card. It handles most games pretty decent at 60 FPS. If I cannot get 60 FPS, I just disable shadows and I get 60 FPS.

Shadows probably put the most stress on my card, not sure about Tessellations though.
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  1. Only game that you listed that uses tessellation is world of warcraft with the water effects in dx 11 mode. Theres only about 11-12 games total that use it atm. Best game that uses tessellation would have to be Crysis 2 because they do so much with it, its nuts and it puts a huge strain on the graphics card over dx 10.
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    *Box* Anti-Aliasing tends to be for most games out right now, MW2 and the other games you play operate at this anti-aliasing mode

    so far ive only see a max of x8 AA in game options. this may change in future but not right now.

    games dont tend to use Edge detect and super AA to a huge degree.

    personally i put most of the ATI option to use application-(game) settings as the games will give you most of the options in-game to change. it's less stress on the card when you dont need it and games will act with better optimisation (at least in my experience)

    so far i've bumped into 2 games that use tessellation - Metro & Shogun 2. (and the Heaven benchmark)

    it doesn't really make a difference if those videos had nvidia cards or not, if your card is a dx11 card it should be able to handle tessellation easily

    Tessellation does not do AA they are separate.

    Tessellation is one of the more GPU hungry processes. Shadows are bad but Tessellation can be worse depending on the game.

    but because, it looks like your on a laptop, your mobility graphics card will not perform the same as a full fledged graphics card (mobility graphics cards have lower default clocks and less ram capability. for example a mobility video card might have gddr3 ram and a proper graphics card would have gddr5 ram.

    by setting the options to use application settings this will boost performance as you can use in game settings to turn particular options off such as AA (just for that particular game)

    tesselation is more demanding of your graphics card than shadows would be.

    hope this helps
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