Display Driver AMD Has Stopped Responding

So, recently I've been encountering this error. It began a couple of weeks ago, and gradually got worse until the system would completely lock up and I would have to restart and run in safe mode for it to stay working.

I have already re-installed windows, changed RAM settings, cleared CMOS which cleared up the issue... until yesterday. Now, with the previous issue I wasn't always getting the display driver message, but since I know very little about computers I thought perhaps the issues could be related though I don't think they are. I've been searching all over and am so damn confused seeing as people say this issue has been caused by anything from Windows 7 or Windows 7 feaures, to every piece of hardware.

Anyway, the issue I'm currently having is that every time I open World of Warcraft, my computer freezes for a couple of seconds, I then get a black screen for a couple moments then it restarts and runs fine giving me the message "Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered successfully'. The most recent time I opened WoW however, it happened three times before working.

This is making me a bit concerned now as I fear it will continue to get worse unless I do something.

Anyway thanks in advance for any help you may provide, I will check this thread as often as possible so if you request any information I hope to get it to you quickly.

Further info I should have mentioned:

PC Specs
Case: NZXT Phantom, 3 fans installed, all temperatures reading okay levels.
GPU: MSI Radeon HD 6950 Twin Frozr II
PSU: Corsair TX750 V2
RAM: 4GB (2x2GB Sticks) Corsair Vengeance
MOBO: Asus P8P67 Pro (Bios all up to date)
Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Optical: Sony Optiarc Something Something..

All temperatures read fine according to AI Suite, Hardware monitor, Afterburner.

The issue has now begun to occur not only upon startup of WoW, but also while playing (and frquently).
If any more info is needed just tell me what you need.

This issue occurs ONLY when playing World of Warcraft, I open the game, and get a freeze and restart on launch, then another when I log in to a character, then more during playing, and they occur frequently. I'm able to play Battflefield Bad Company 2, Team Fortress 2, Crysis 2, all just fine.

GPU Temperature never exceeds 50 degrees celsius according to both MSI Afterburner as well as HWMonitor.

I've tried:
1. Putting SET fixedfunction "1" in config file
2. Running WoW in DX11
3. Reinstalling drivers
4. Reinstalling drivers without CCC
5. Changing RAM settings
6. Reinstalling WoW
7. Reverting to older drivers

Here's a DxDiag in case it could be of use.

System Information
Time of this report: 7/18/2011, 22:34:11
Machine name: VORTRON-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: BIOS Date: 02/05/10 19:13:52 Ver: 08.00.10
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4072MB RAM
Page File: 2200MB used, 5943MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows

Display Devices
Card name: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Chip type: ATI display adapter (0x6719)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6719&SUBSYS_24601462&REV_00
Display Memory: 3814 MB
Dedicated Memory: 2034 MB
Shared Memory: 1780 MB
Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: VE247
Monitor Id: ACI2493
Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)
Output Type: HDMI

So sorry to have this incredibly long post, but I want to provide the most detail I can so maybe someone can finally help me with this insanely frustrating issue.
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  1. I noticed you are using MSI afterburner. Did you change the voltage? Could your PSU be going bad? What are the temperature readings (yes, you said their were ok, but you didn't mention what they were).
  2. 1. I did not make any changes to the voltage due to my limited knowledge, I don't want to adjust any settings without instruction.

    2. The PSU going bad is a possibility, it is a trusted brand and from what I hear a high quality one. However as I said, this is a possibility, do you know of any way for me to test this?

    3. Temperature readings from the GPU say that the temperature doesn't exceed 50 degrees celsius, CPU 40 degrees, Motherboard 34. Well within any acceptable temperature ranges that I'm aware of.
  3. Has this problem occurred outside of WoW?
  4. No, it only happens when I try to play World of Warcraft. Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Team Fortress 2 are just fine.

    That's what made me figure it was not a hardware issue, but my knowledge of computers is not extensive so I figured I could very well be mistaken.
  5. I wonder if the problem is related to a mod. Have you tried disabling mods? I remember some mods giving me lots of issue before, especially after patches when a mod is not up to date. I've known friends who found that deleting their WTF folder fixed odd stability issues in WoW (MAKE A COPY FIRST).

    Do you have any other Dx11 games to try? Maybe it's an issue with Dx11 features on the card.
  6. 1. No addons are installed and I still encounter the issue. Have attempted to delete the WTF, and Cache files as well as run the repair utility for the game, no luck.

    2. I don't think WoW is normally Dx11, as it was suggested to enable this to try and fix the problem. I think to run it as Dx11 you actually have to change settings, which I have not. I could be wrong though cause I know nothing about that at all really.
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