Radeon HD 6950: 2GB memory or unlockable to 6970 more important?

Just wondering if you had to choose between a card with 2gb of ram and non unlockable to the 6970 or 1 gb but was unlockable, which one would you go for?
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    As far as I know, the 1gb will not unlock. the only reason the 2gb 6950s did was because cores were locked on the bios.

    Also, there aren't many reference 6950s out there anymore that will flash to 6970s. My 6970 that I got had no bios switch. No big deal for me.

    I'd choose 2gb. More memory means more effects at higher resolutions.
  2. Is this hypothetical or did you not know that the 1gb won't unlock? In any event, I'd go with the 2GB.
  3. no i didnt know the 1gbs wont unlock
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