Gpu issue

recently i bought zotac 9800gt 1 gb eco card...!! my pc specs are:
intel dual core 2.8 ghz
3 gb ddr3 ram
1280*1024 resolution
coolermaster 500w psu
windows 7 32bit

i am unable to play fifa 11 as it lags a bit continuosly..!!
i am unable to play nfs hot pursuit and nba 2k11..
on the other hand assasin creed brotherhood is running perfectly on max setting..!!!
i can also play cod black ops on high setting as it lags very less and even sumtym..!!
i can play lost planet 2 on max setting perfectly..!!

why is lagging happning???? any solution??? plzzz help...
thanks in advance..!
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  1. did you get the newest drivers??!?!?! or just use the ones that came on the CD with the card (which are probly 2-3 years old)
  2. i hav tried with newest and some old too...!! it is not working..!! can u suggest me the driver version plzz..??
  3. tried with lower settings also..!! i am afraid... same problem:'(
  4. i hav overclocked my pc to 3.1ghz and it solved the problm upto sum extent..!!! is it safe??
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