GTX 480 running at 50 Clock speed.

Hey guys,

I am having an issue with my computer at the moment, i Overclocked my i7 870 to 4.2 ghz, was running stable for 1 week. Then decided to tone it down as i was not hardcore gamming at the time. I am having a problem with my GTX 480 I THINK. Before i overclocked my graphics card from default to around 100mhz more. I noticed no change in graphics quality or performance. I did notice that my Benchmark with Mark3D before i overclocked it was running at around 55 - 60 FPS with all things running in the extreme benchmark test. When i "overclocked" the card EVER so slightly. it didnt really do anything, I changed the settings back to default and now i can currently getting >....12 FPS ... THATS RIGHT 12 FPS in xtreme Benchmark!, i have no idea why this is happening, my GPU temp never went about 70 degrees. if it did, i turned the benchmark off. and rested it. My CPU temp also doesnt go above 35 degress. Any suggestions how i can tell if there is someone wrong with my graphics card or other issues??

Thanks Heaps - Dean
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  1. I would firstly recommened, removing your vga drivers with driversweep reinstalling them and trying it again, Is it just on the benchmark you are having problems or is it with games as well?
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