What RAM and how many modules?

Hi There,

I have a noob question for you all :-)

I have a ASUS P8Z77-PREMIUM Motherboard and I now looking to purchase RAM modules for it.

My question(s) is how many ram modules can the board take seeming as the board is advertised as Dual-Channel Architecture?

I can see the board has 4 x DIMM 240 pin slots... So does that mean I can essentially fit it with 4 x 4gb ram modules?

Also what mhz do you recommend 1333 or 1600?

Just to let you know I have a 3770k cpu and will be obtaining:

- cosair psu in the region of 750w +
- 7970 (overclocked) or a gtx 680 gpu
- 1 x 256 ssd or maybe a larger capacity model
- 1 x 1tb external hdd
- Most probably a noctua NH-d1 or watercooling
- The rest I haven't got that far yet

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  1. ASUS P8Z77 boards support 1600 mhz ram kits for 3rd Generation Intel Cores (Ivy Bridge), which you have. I would absolutely go for 1600 sticks in your situation.

    Ivy Bridge is limited to 4xDIMM (maximum 8GB per stick so x4 would be 32GB total) of non-ECC memory.

    So depending on your needs, you can have up to 32GB total memory, and 1600 mhz is the best you'll get without overclocking.

    If you're planning to do heavy overclocking, my recommendation is to stick with 4GB DIMM sticks (so 4x4=16GB max) as the 8GB sticks are harder to keep stable.

    Don't forget about CAS Latency ratings (lower is better) and voltage requirements for your RAM kits (1.5v vs 1.65v). The more voltage running through your RAM, the more impact on your CPU.
  2. also be care full of how tall the heat spreaders are some of them wont fit under all 3 party cpu heat sinks. also with ram most mb and pc vendors have a tested list of ram that will work without any issues. it on the asus web page for your mb. you can also look at ram vendors web pages like cruscal or kingston and see what ram been tested on the mb your looking at.
    with newer mb the big issues is when people buy two sets of ram and there miss matched. ie in speed or ram timing.on a new build because ram is cheap right now your better off buying more ram then you think you need. i would pick up a 16g kit that have two 8g dimms in it. it leave you with two slots open. the extras memory will be there if you start running photoshop or video editing. also if one dimm goes bad over time you still have more ram then you need till the replacement comes in.
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