Upgrading massively, should I reformat?

Currently I am running an AMD Phenom 955 on an msi 875 GM board, 1 x pcie slot got a gtx 470 and 4 gbs of corsair cl8 ram installed with a 450 watt power supply and a 450 watt additional supply that goes in the bay and powers the graphics card. I have opted to buy and will be receiving my new i7 2600k, P67 Evga FTW board, 8 gbs of 1600 Ram cl8 corsair vengence, and a new 700 watt power supply. Reasons for the upgrade were that I wanted to get more for my money, my 955 only hit 3.8 stable and on my old p4 i was clocking from 3.2 to 4.4 so I know intel has the headroom and the architecture to support high overclocks especially the thermal headroom. Starcraft 2 and crysis sometimes lag when high data computations occur, and I wanted the ability to go SLI with my 470s, but didnt see a reason to go buy another amd board with sli so I took the best and most efficient route and got the intel way.

Now going from AMD and to Intel with a new MB should I reformat my PC and reinstall a clean windows with the new hardware, basically as if it were a brand new system and I was installing the OS for the first time so no AMD/Intel cpu MB driver issues occur?
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  1. definitely.
  2. Also Will the P67 FTW extended MOBO fit in my antec 300 case and if not what is the best cheapest with decent airflow next to it, dont really have the money to spend on a 120 dollar case maybe 70 online at tops went and blew almost 730 so...lol
  3. You should get a Z68 mobo cus they allow a lot of overclocking functionality and get a AZZA case ,they're cheap with lots of bright fancy leds while maintaning good airflow and spacious area. AZZA Toledo 30i is 60 bucks with 1 250mm fan and 4 120 mm fans.
  4. I want to have the 2600k, I I dont really care about the z68 plus this way I can tri sli 470s when the time comes, with a sli board I can only do 2 I buy one more and expandability is over for me...not my cup of tea. Anyways I read that the NZXT lexa S will fit not "Officialy" fitting but when you put it in it fits, and it is 68 bucks, im dead set on my purchase and just want to find a cheap case with decent cooling, dont need to worry about water cooling as I Dont plan to dump any more money into my rig for at least a full year
  5. roughly 550 and would give me a little bit of future proofing too. if not the ftw board there's an msi board for 150 I originally purchased if I'm going to go strictly 2x sli any suggestions? I prefer tri sli capability but I can settle for dual I suppose
  6. cap for a dual I'd spend is 200 and needs to have a spot for a sound card as well
  7. I want that ftw board but a 100 dollar case will be too much I know its not much compared to everything else but my credit line is 800 so I'm stuck at that willing to hit 800 if need be got about 350 between mobo and case
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