Looking for a new graphics card for my Dell Inspiron 530

Hello, first post here.
My faithful Dell Inspiron 530 died a few weeks back. I narrowed down the problem to the video card so I desperately need a new one. I have been doing some research recently about the best graphics cards around but all the posts are around 2009. I do use the computer for gaming so I would like it to handle them (Portal 2 is probably the best looking game I play). My maximum budget is probably around $200 but I don't really mind if anyone shows me something more expensive, just if i have my expectations too high. So I was wondering if there is anyone who can point me in the right direction of the best graphics cards for my use.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. what is your current spec?
  2. Processor: Intel Core Duo E6550 @ 2.33 GHz
    Mainboard Chipset: Intel G33 Express
    RAM: 3GB DDR2

    Thanks for your response, this is all of the specs I've got from the motherboard at the moment.
  3. what is your PSU wattage and preferred gaming resolution?
  4. The PSU wattage: 300W
    It's connected to a T.V. screen with a resolution of 1280X768.
  5. maybe you can look at HD6670. any higher than that you will have to replace your PSU. HD6670 should do well at your resolution in most game.
  6. Thanks for your help, I had a quick look at it and it looks perfect.
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