Dvi problems

hi there guys iam hoping some one can help me sort out a prob i seem to have
my set up

prolite e2208hds 22" monitor



now i cant seem to get the dvi adaptors working and the monitor only seems to want to work if i use the vga socket but the gfx card has dvi plugs

is this a case of buying a dvi - vga adaptor or is that to easy? :P

any help would be greatly app as iam pulling my hair out trying to get this set up working

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  1. Hi Phil
    The dvi-vga adapter must be having some problem just check the adapter with some other pc
  2. hi there i was thinking that but sadly the only monitor i have with dvi is the one iam currently using :(

  3. Can you try it on your friend's system? by the way I didn't get one thing, is your display VGA or DVI? you were talking about the adaptor and now you said that your display has DVI.
    just to check the card you can use that converter on the dvi port of the motherboard, remove the graphics card, this will enable your on board gpu
    then you can use the dvi port of the mother board and check if it works, if it doesn't then try plugging it to your vga port directly, then if the display works the adaptor has problem
    I am assuming that your display is VGA :)
  4. sorry that my bad for not making it clear :( the monitor has both vga and dvi input leads/sockets, i unpluged the gfx card and tried the cables directly into the mobo.

    the screen was black and flashed up "no signal found" using the dvi cable but the vga cable the monitor came straight on and i am able to use the pc.

    is it posable the cable is faulty? the monitor has dvi-d input

    many thanx for the help so far :)

  5. It seems that the cable is faulty or it can be the dvi-d port of your display
    so try with another dvi cable and see if it works, if it doesn't then your dvi port on monitor is faulty else cable
    At your resolution dvi-d gives better image so get a new cable and enjoy if its cable fault :) else replace your display if under warranty
  6. thanx for the help m8 i have a adaptor for the vga cable so i can try it in the dvi slot later on.

    looks like iam gona have to buy a new cable and if that dont work some how convince the wife to let me buy a new monitor :P

    many thanx for all the help gents

  7. ;)
    Enjoy a new HD display if your wife let you buy one :P
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