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Hey guys

I assembled all my computer parts but when I powered on for the first time the beep code I receved was 1 long continous beep followed by 4 short beeps.

This I undesatand is not good as the manual of my ASUS P8Z77 pro indicatesa hardware component failure. Some other sites also say its to do with the memory clock?

Can anyobody tell me what that is and how I might overcome this unfortunate setback? :(

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  1. Ok so, my CPU cooler is hyper 212 evo and on the splash screen I get "CPU fan error", but if I go into BIOS and change to "ignore I am able to reboot the computer and go straight into BIOS without the 4 beeps.

    Does this mean the 212 is the cause? Is it safe to continue to boot from the OD and install windows etc or is there something else to be concerned about?
  2. Check if your cooler is not connected correctly.
  3. It's connected correctly, fan works but spins at under 600rpm ....which is why I get "CPU fan error"on splash screen , and possibly the reason for the 4 beeps, I cant be sure.

    All I know is that when I adjust the fan monitor setting to "ignore", the problem seems to resolv itself.
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