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I've owned this card for about 7 months now and it hasn't made much noise at all. But just recently the fan has become noticeably louder. Strange thing is the card is at stock clocks and is very cool, just louder. It idles at 33-40c, 50 to 70c load. The really odd thing is msi afterburner and overdrive say the fan is only at 30% when it sounds more like 50% and 50% sounds more like 70% before the issues started.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as i dont have any idea why it has spontaneously become louder. cheers.
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  1. try oiling the fan, remove the heatsink fan from the card you will be able to see a label behind the fan, open it and you can see the bearings put ONE drop of oil in to it, rotate the fan using your hand to set the oil inside then place the label back.
    set everything back, this should remove the sound,the noise is created as the oil gets dried up by use, the bearing creates noise due to friction
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, the only problem i have with taking it apart is the warranty issue i wouldn't want to jeopardize my warranty for the sake of a few db. I suppose that is the only logical answer though. Thank you
  3. taking apart the fan will void your warranty, so it is better to leave it untouched
  4. but if it has any sticker saying tampering this will void warranty then you can remove it carefully and do your work, replace it as it is, they wont get to know
    this is how i did on my Palit card.
  5. Well i got my card through dinopc so the warranty is with them, ill give them a ring and see what they say about the matter, or ill just demand an RMA. :p

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