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Memory problem?

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October 4, 2012 4:38:59 PM

hi all!
i have a few problems that might be related to the ram:
first of all i have 4 GB ram and a fx-4100 OC'd to 4.2
no here's the problem:
whenever i minimize out of bf3 or close it for any reason, my pc goes super slow, if it even minimize successfully. it sometimes go into black screen for a few seconds, it sometimes makes me get kicked or whatever. but if i do minimize, everything in the computer goes slow, from my browser to even my desktop.
i find my self struggling to do simple tasks like watching a youtube video (which is COMPLETELY impossible, the whole page crashes and has to reopen again), or even scrolling down comes with great effort.
now, according to my cpu and memory usage i can see that cpu usage stands for 4% at the most extreme moments and memory goes up to 80-90& and then goes down to 50% for a few good minutes.
i dunno if it IS a memory problem, but it looks like it, and before i buy me a new set, i want to know if it is.
thanks! :D 

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October 4, 2012 5:44:27 PM

your computer is acting slow when you minimize bf3 because that game eats up your ram and your pc doesnt have enough ram left for other operations. so dont minimize since you dont have a lot of ram (8gb+)