Prioritizing Upgrades for my build (help)

Hello all! For a few weeks now I've been trying to decide on an upgrade path
for my home-built system that I use for both gaming and everyday use. I'm not sure
exactly WHEN I should upgrade (end of the year/next year or maybe even 2013?)

My current setup:
-Crappy generic non-gaming mid-tower (lol)
-1000w Strider Plus PSU (good for any upgrade)
-Gigabyte EP45-DS3R LGA775 motherboard
-Q9550 Intel CPU @ 3.6GHz
-4Gb of DDR2 1066 memory (only runs at 800MHz for weird reason)
-Sony DVD player
-640Gb HDD

Here are some options I've been looking at:
-New Case (HAF X :D)
-Graphics Card (not as much. That may be a 2014 upgrade, but idk)

Prices I'm willing to spend on things:
-Case: $200
-Mobo: $160-$180
-CPU: $200-$350
-RAM: <$100
-SSD: $200-$250
-GPU: $200-$350 (With Crossfire/SLI added in about a year, or Just SLI my current GTX 570)

In which order should I prioritize these upgrades? Should I get each individually or
multiple at once? I'm looking for overall boosts in speed as well as gaming fps. My GTX 570
plays everything fantastic on my 1080p LED monitor currently, so other upgrades need to
come first. Ivy Bridge and Bulldozer sound appealing, but so does upgrading my case for ultimate
bling and upgrade-ability.

Let me know what you guys think :D
-Uber Nobody
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  1. buy a new GD55 MB for 150 or a GD80 for 220 from MSI, get a 2500K for 220 and 8GB of ram for 56 and call it a day. if you really have extra cash buy 2 120GB sata 3 SSD's and raid them. would be looking at around 240 for the SSD's. case last, its all about how it looks to you. you dont need a better gpu, keep what ya got and just OC alittle if you need it. if you really want to go looking for a MB with the hydra 200 chipset and you can link any video card you want into your 570 to boost it up.
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    Motherboard, CPU and RAM will be the first primary 3.

    Graphics card doesn't need changing. Get an SLI ready motherboard which will allow you to add another 570 easily on that 1000w PSU whenever you wish to.

    ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard will set you back about $125 (z68 chipset)
    Intel i5-2500k - $220
    8GB 1600MHz RAM - $55

    Following "the big three" you can pretty much continue to upgrade any individual components you want. GPU can be changed or SLI'd, SSD or HDD can be changed or added, CPU cooler can be changed or added, case can be upgraded.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback. I guess my mobo/CPU/RAM is getting a bit old now, so I'll replace that first. Maybe I'll get the case as well if it turns out to be an eATX mobo :) I'm pretty sure after that will come a 240gig SSD and finally a new GPU (2014) With SLI when the refresh inevitably comes in 2015 (yes that's a bit far out. I like to plan ahead) But first of course I need to wait for something that taxes everything I have to the max (BF3?).
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