I can restart it but When I shutdown the pc, it wont turn back on?

This happened after a power surge.
I can restart it with no problems but when I shut down it wont turn on.
If I take out the CMOS battery or unplug/plug the power cable it works but I dont wanna do this over and over again. And I also hear 4 beeps when turning on. Anyone gotta solution for me? Thanks

Win Vista
i7 pross.
6 gb ram
350w PSU
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  1. sounds like a power supply. what type of power supply is it?
  2. Delta Elec.
    outpt - 12Va
    max pow - 5V
  3. first thing i would try is a different power supply.
  4. I dont have an extra PSU but the question is, could be the MB? Because when i take out the CMOS battery, it turns on? I can buy a PSU but i just wanna be sure before I take any steps further
  5. cant be sure unless you swap out parts. psu is cheaper than mb and having an extra psu never hurt anyone.
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