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Hello, I really need help. I brought a desktop awhile ago and found that everytime I play games, FS2004, Sims 2 etc.. that after 5mins or so the system crashes. Then found out the graphics card was way out of date. So I would like to know what graphics card would be best/that would work for me to deliver the best performance as I want to play FSX. System as follows.. Pentium 4 HT 3.0ghz 1GB DDR ram,(4x 256mbs) 80gb sata hard drive,secondary 40gb harddrive(120gb total) Agp video card 128mb onboard sound dvd rom lan(for wired broadband) parellel port 3x pci slots 2xfront USB, 4xBack USB,
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  1. This is as good as it gets on AGP:

    When you say your system is crashing, do you mean blue-screen or shut-down style?
  2. Shut down style, it sometimes screeches then freezes or it freezes and the monitor goes into standby mode sorta thing.

    I've posted previously about it elsewhere and the conclusion was that it was a video card problem. I could take it in somewhere for a technician to have a look but not really wanting to spend the money on doing so hence my plea for help here. Am thinking of getting a new video card tomorrow but am very apprehensive as to having spent the money on a new card then get home and find it it still crashes.. :(

    The graphics card on the desktop is an Radeon 9200 If i remember correctly, and had downloaded the final updates for it but to no avail.
  3. And many thanks for replying to!! Much appreciated!.

    With what I stated earlier, do you think it's a video card problem?
  4. A bad video card can shut your system down. Also, when you're gaming, your system will be working harder and drawing more power than most any other time with the exception of benchmarking. This means your system is drawing more power than any other time as well. If you want this system to last, consider getting a new power supply and then add a new video card. The problem could actually be with the power and not the video, but with my oldest system, also a pentium 4 but only 2.8 GHz, even though everything was running great, I put a new power supply in to keep it clipping along:

    Whether the video card is bad or not, I'd say update the power supply just for to make the system continue to last, then get the video card if you're still having the issue.
  5. Yeah that's what I feared most, getting the card installed and finding out it was the power supply. Ok I shall get the power supply done. Fingers crossed! :X
  6. Ok so I did something silly, I brought a graphics cards and had it professionally installed, it's an ATI Radeon HD3650. They tested it with the Sim2 (obviously not long enough) then I took it home and suprise suprise, 5mins in it freezes on me again. This time however when it freezes, the monitor doesn't turn off, the picture and everything else remains frozen as is.

    The power supply is a Olympic ATX 400W which is meant to be fine for the new graphics card.
    Is there any tips or tricks I could do that could help me find out what's causing the problem? Or do you think it's more than likely the power supply?
    Im stumped....and frustrated haha!. Positive side is I guess, at least we know it's not the old graphics card causing it. :P
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