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I need some help setting up the network at the church where I attend. The Parrish is located about 500 feet adjacent to the church office. The Parrish has a wireless router and a repeater setup in the pastor's home. Next door at the church office, we have a new desktop running windows 7, and the pastor's notebook which uses windows XP with service pack 3. There are two printers. One is installed directly by a USB cable to the desktop. The other printer is large, all in one unit that has a RJ45 Lan port connection and we have that printer running to a basic 5 port network Hub that is connected to the desktop as well. A single wire runs about 50 feet into the pastor's study from the Hub directly to his Laptop. The machines are able to connect to the internet separately but they are not networked. And that is what we need to do. Pastor wants the simplest solution and I don't really know what to do at this point because my solution was to run another wire from his home to the hub and then the router would take care of the IP addresses and so forth. But as it stands, he does not want to do that at this time.
So I thought that if I can somehow use the desktop computer as a gateway and the use ICS to have the laptop connect to the internet, then we can manually assign IP address to the Desktop, the laptop and the all in one network printer. Everything will work fine then I think. But will I have to get rid of the present Home group in windows 7 for the desktop? The reason I ask is because the desktop says it is networked using the wireless connection but it does not detect the hub or any of the other devices. I would really appreciate any help that anyone out there can give me to help me get this situation resolved. Thank you.

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  1. You need to connect all of the computers to the router, either running the cables to it directly or to the hub and then the hub goes to the router. Any other way is just creating a huge mess.

    The printer with the network card needs to also be connected to the router, and you can use it's IP to connect it to all of the other computers.
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