Home building a Mineral cooled computer. Your ideas?

Ok im building a mineral cooled computer based on the build from pugetsystems.com
But im doing my own twist on it. So what i was gonna do is post pictures and steps on what im doing.

If you have any questions or any advice on what i should do, since im doing this based on almost nothing, (you will see what i mean) ill keep updating you on what im doing and any new ideas i have. Ill put up some pic next.

thank you for anyones help or ideas
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  1. There were overheating problems after a few days of operation. The sides and top of the aquarium do not dissipate enough heat. I saw one rig with a radiator like for water cooling. The pump designed for water seemed to be coping with the oil... but that seem an inelegant solution.

    Maybe you can build a variation with passive cooling.
  2. Yes definitely! Im planing to put a radiator (VERY large) on it along with a pump hiding in the back. also the website says that fans help a little bit so im adding some of those also.
  3. this is a picture of the testing of the mineral oil with a very cheap powersupply
    and after a couple week or so the mineral oil hasnt evaporated much

    This is the tank im using a bit large but im going to do something with it later.

    this is the motherboard tray pugetsystem recomended and it looks like it will work fine
    its also built really well and has many ways to fabricate it to work.

    this is the motherboard tray is the tank to show the size of it in the tank

    ROCKS! (to make it look cool)

    and some 1/4 inch glass to divide the tank in two so i dont have to buy 20 gallons of mineral oil

    if you have anymore questions or ideas please comment.
    thank you
  4. I got the glass in and sealed with marine adhesive silicone, it cured well and ill do a leak test tonight. tomorrow ill put pics up to show every thing ive done.

    after the leak test i need to find a way to mount the motherboard tray to the top of the tank. im thinking about using plastic and putting it in holding the motherboard tray by the lips of it, if it works ill put up pics of that.

    next im going to dry fit every thing and see how it looks or if i need to make anything else. till then, if anyone is reading this ill post something new or if you have any ideas or questions just ask
  5. This is really, really, neat!
  6. cool stuff, I'll be sure to follow this :)
  7. Ok sorry i didn't get anything up lately, but heres some new things.

    First as i said i sealed the glass that i was putting in to divide the fish and the computer here are some pics of it finished.
    Theres also pics of the water in the tank and rocks or just the fake plants to give it a look like its in the fish tank.
  8. Ok so next problem i came to was finding a way to mount the motherboard tray to a piece of plastic that acts as a lid and holder for the DVD drive and Hard drive.

    Now remeber i need two sata cables and two sata power cables to come out of the top to connect to the DVD drive and Hard drive, also a power button. If anyone has an idea please let me know, or ill find a way then share it with you.

    again thanks for any comments, questions, or recommendations
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