Asus maximus iv extreme a2 debug code

Ok my build:

Board: Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3 Revision
RAM: 2 4gb Corsair Vengeance
CPU: i7 2600k 3.40 GHz
HDD: 2 500gb Seagates
GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 ti
PSU: Corsair 650 watt

I am starting a new build for myself, first time building a new computer. I just got the final part today and put it all together. When I boot up the computer, it runs through the different debug codes on the board. When it stops at A2, a light on the bottom right hand side comes on and it is orange. The light that stays on in the bottom right hand corner is orange the whole time. I got all the fans working, including the CPU fan, everything is working except my gpu is making a loud kind of whine when it turns on.

The debug code A2 in the manual says IDE detect. What does that mean, are the lights supposed to be green instead of orange, there is no bios beep when it starts, what am I missing?

One thing that does concern me is that when we put the cpu in the first time, it didn't go in smoothly, we had to kind of force it and there was a very slight crunch. Please tell me that's benign. Any or all of these answered would be very appreciated.
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  1. IDE detect has to do with your harddrive/Optical drive. Are they SATA drives? Also the CPU installation is supposed to be very smooth. There is literally no effort needed to put in the processor. You line up the notches on the CPU with those on the socket and close the lever. Did you have to re-seat the CPU the second time?
  2. No it was fine but I was just worried a tiny bit. Yes the HDD are SATA drives. I have them plugged in but there are 4 SATA slots on the board and I'm not sure which ones need to be in which.
  3. Try each SATA port and see if that works.
  4. Already tried. There are multiple lights on the board and the ones that are green are cpu_normal and DDR_normal. The two that are red are GPU_normal and Boot_Device. There is an orange one at the bottom that says BIOS. Does anyone have a somewhat in depth knowlegde of this particular board? I bought it right after the B3 revision and I'm not buying a new one. I contacted asus and I am going to RMA it regardless, but I would love some :D
  5. The light that is now lighting up is DRAM.... Boot device isn't lighting at all. What is DRAM and what component on the computer does it correlate with?
  6. I've got kinda of the same problem. I'm getting a A2 on the board and 1 long beep with 4 short meaning hardware component failure. I'm wondering if it just means that cables are bad for the hard drive
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