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hello all

first sorry if my english is bad

ok the story is like this i have gigabyte mobo x58 ud4p and i want to put on him one 7970 gpu(amd) and gts 250 for the physx

the slot 16_1 and 16_2 as you know very close and the gpu fans dont help so i wonder if i can put the 7970 as primary card on 16_2 cus the fans have more space in this place and not stock in the other card back
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  1. better to install your 7970 in 16_1 if it should be a primary.
  2. Your better off getting just the 7970 and not the gts250 for physix, in gaming the physix is not making as much difference in gameplay and it would e a watse to get a seperate video card just for that. Plus it's very diffacult to get the two different video cards to work together , AMD doesn't do physix.
    You will be better off to get a GTX 680 and it will do physix without getting the second card.
  3. Ther is a way to make them work Together i was trying it for a day :( with no succes for mafia 2 , i gave up on this to much hussel for one game

    By the way i already had 2 gts 250 thats y i tried to make hybrid physx
  4. What happens is if the nvidia card detects the AMD card in the system it locks the physix so that's why I had said earlier that it was very hard to do but there is a drivers hack that they say can do it.

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