AMD Fx joke!

After gettin the bench marks of the fx 8150 (3.6 GHz) worked up, it seems that AMD is no more interested in getting positive gamer feedback.
Not just that it's highly overpriced, but also it's way too weak in comparison to i5 2500k. Neither is the new BD architecture helping to get the 8 core kicking.
[:aford10:4] in fact, the phenom II 1100T BE ~ 210$ is almost equals it in every game. :ouch:

But the fx 8150 is better in multi core intensive apps. :bounce:

but still, with 3.6 GHz of clock speed!! u cud do so much more AMD!!

Also, fx 8170 (3.9 GHz) is not gonna shake things up, other than just gaining the title of "faastest 8 core CPU in the world!!". Although, 8170P might get that instead (native 4.2 GHz clock speed!!! :o )

I was so looking forward to a competetion from AMD! :(
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